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Please allow me to introduce myself. Picture the scene. I’m at my familyhome in Surrey for the weekend and thinking of  a witty first blog title designed to entice an online audience towards my thoughts and insights. On comes the Rolling Stones from the next room (think Dad is having a mid-life crisis as he nears his retirement from the City) with the words “please allow me to introduce myself”. And bang, the opening line of Sympathy for the Devil has become that of ADB. It is hopefully the start of a fruitful relationship that will gain popularity for both parties….

Back in reality, this blog will give you an insight into my primal interests of all things sporting, will have things to do with the media and more than likely some forays into traveling and other random snippets of humour. As opposed to Mick Jagger’s thought-provoking lyrics into the dark side of man, this blog will hopefully be light-hearted and maybe encourage debate.